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X - BAR 3 RANCH OF JOE KIRLEY- 1886 era, Location South Dakota. Named  in story entitled  "The Cow Business and Joe Kirley" by Bill Kirley w photos by author - the pioneer story of how subject help to settle the vast and sparse area of South Dakota.

X I T BRAND * - 1950 era. Written about in story entitled "HOSSTAIL & DOBIE & GIPSON" by Wayne F. Hyde of a day spent with Fred Gipson, J. Frank Dobie, Wayne Hyde, Bob Batchelder and Joe Small remembering fondly their days in the old west as saved in this complete western magazine.

X Y Company - Mentioned in "The Pembina River Post" by Earl V. Chapin, Excerpts from the 1799-1814 extraordinary journal of Alexander Henry fur trader for the North West Company.. As published in this old rare and complete western magazine.

X I T RANCH * -  Pioneer West Era. Location - Channing, Texas. Pictured in story entitled CATTLE KINGS by George A. Wallis who writes of the lives of those men who took two elements - livestock and the range - each as wild as the other and refused to quit until they established the great ranches of the west as published in this old western magazine. Part 1

XAVIER COLLEGE - 1890 - 1912 Circa. Site - Missouri, Dakota Territory. Named in biography entitled SAGA OF FREDERIC GERARD by Carleton Mays. Written of a legend who the author states could whip wild grizzlies, defeat 600 Indians, escape from the Custer massacre yet compassionate enough to tend the sick Indians as though they were his flock as found in rare and complete western magazine.

XAVIER, Saint Francis * - 1850 - 1900 era- Site Italy, Western United States. Named in LITTLE SISTER OF COURAGE by Louise Cheney writes lovingly of Sister Blandina who, with crucifix in hand and a deep abiding faith in her heart became a part of America's great frontier as found in this very rare Western magazine

XIMENEX, Father Diego - 1540 - 1770 ERA. Location: NM, TX, MEXICO. Named in story entitled CAME THE BAREFOOTED PRIESTS by Frieda and Samuel Hyatt - the story of the humble priests who braved danger to bring their Christian religion to the "heathen" Indians as told in this old, complete western magazine

XIMINESS, Doctor W. H.  * - 1927 - Veterinarian pictured as having obtained a reprieve from a death sentence for a cat named Persia as saved from this old American Pictorial magazine.

XIT RANCH * - 1885 - 90 era - history of the biggest fenced-in Cattle Ranch in the entire history of the Frontier. The two owners were paid three million acres of land for building the Texas Capital as related here in this complete western magazine.

XIT RANCH mentioned in "One Man's Elusive Dream The Building of The State Capitol", by Beverly Daniel






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