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 VUCETICH, Juan, Doctor -  Fingerprinting expert of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1918 - Named in article entitled A FLASHLIGHT ON SOME ASPECTS OF THE WAR with text describing  activities in finger printing every soldier and sailor in the World War I United Sates forces as saved from this old American Pictorial magazine. Mint condition. 11 by 16 inches.

VUCIC, Jerry  * Corporal, (Chicago, Illinois - Died of Wounds),

VULCAN GUN  *  - GATLING GUN - 1860 - 80 era - Named in  biographical history entitled "Doctor Richard J. Gatling and His Gun" - the fascinating story of one of the world's greatest inventors - a man whose invention of the machine gun changed history. Story in American Hardback magazine

VULTURE MINE -  1890 -era - location Nevada. Named in story entitled "Gold Thieves in the Old West" which pictures and tells of fast shooting road agents who stole a lot of gold and of mild mannered manner, retiring high-graders who beat them at their own game as found in this very rare, complete western magazine.

VUSEREANU, Tauti, Miss Rumania * - Competed in  Miss Europe Contest in a Collage of portraits of various Queens of Europe competing in MISS EUROPE OF 1931 pictured with her rivals in the Paris Contest to represent Europe in the Miss Universe contest as saved from this old American pictorial magazine









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