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VRAMA, Anna * - 1928 - Anna Vrama (Short Sprints) pictured with Maybelle Reichardt  (Discuss Thrower) as one three of America's Fair Olympic contenders along with  and Rayma Wilson (800 - meter - run)   in the Amsterdam Olympic High Jump as saved from this old American pictorial magazine

VREELAND, Frank - 1926 - Correspondent of the The Evening Telegram named in article about star Douglas Fairbanks in article entitled "SWASHBUCKLING WITH DOUG ON A PAINTED OCEAN" in the Personal Glimpses section as saved from this old American Newsweek magazine

VREELAND, H. H. * - Washington, D. C., Pictured  is the President of the New York City Railroad along with some of the other American Delegates to the Railway Congress in 1905. Article cites facts and figures of Railroad progress throughout the world as saved from this old American News Magazine

VREELAND, W. C. (Newspaper Reporter, San Francisco) - 1896 era - Referred to in historic, seldom found story entitled "The Night Wyatt Earp Almost KO'ed Boxing" by Gary Roberts. Pictures Earp, drawing of ring of Mechanics' Pavilion in San Francisco. controversial $10,000 Check covering great fight between "Fighting" Bob Fitzsimmons and "Sailor" Tom Sharkey. 

VROOM A, Frank engineer mentioned in "Nebraska's Great Train Robbery", by Leo Scherer











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