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NUBIAN STYLE DEBUTANTE - 1929 - Article entitled "AFRICAN FASHIONS FOR AMERICAN WOMEN" reporting the interests of Miss Ethel Traphagen in Debutante Nubian Style and Nkikuya and Wakamba native dolls as saved from this old American Newsweek magazine

NUBUKO, Fumi, no Miya* -  Japanese Emperor's eighth daughter (by Madame Sono Yoshiko)  pictured in Japanese Royal family portrait in 1902 American News Magazine. Very Rare.

NUECES COUNTY, TEXAS  * - era early 1900's - Site: Mexican Border Area.  Site of story of Texas Ranger Lawmen entitled HELL ON THE NUECES by Maurice Kildare who were searching for sheriff killer Gregorio Cortez near the Rio Grande. He ran, stole a fast quarter mare, eluded capture for ten days but didn't bring map and failed to cross the Rio Grande and the Texas Rangers got their man as saved from this old seldom found in this complete western magazine.

NUECES RIVER - 1880 ERA. LOCATION: MO, TX. Named in story entitled: "Brush Country Doctor" by Oran Warder Nolen who tells tales of an old Texas Doctor J. W. Hargus and of his practice on the Texas Frontier as found in this old and complete western magazine.

NUEVO LAREDO, MEXICO * - 1896 era - Location: Ireland, Mexico, TX, - Named in story of Champion Fighter of Ireland named and pictured Peter Maher in story entitled THE FIGHT THAT ALMOST KAYOED BOXING by Dick King which tells of the between Maher and Robert Roy "Fighting Bob" Fitzimmons. The fight was banned but then held on an island in the Rio Grande by Judge Roy Bean as published in this complete, rare old western magazine.

NUGENT, Elliott * - 1922 -  " Now Taking Part in Current Theatrical Productions" citing his leading part in "Kempy"

NUGENT, J. C.  * - 1934 - Featured and pictured in the comedy "DREAM CHILD"  playing at the Vanderbilt Theatre as written in the weekly feature IN BROADWAY'S NEW PLAYS as saved from this old American pictorial magazine.

NUGENT, Jim "Mountain Jim",  - 1840 - 1926 - Site: Western United States.  Named in THE DUDE FROM LIMERICK,  a true story written by Marshall Sprague of the Earl of Dunraven, a wealthy Lord from England who just had to experience the thrills of our pioneer west. He wanted to meet Buffalo Bill, Texas Jack, Kit Carson and lots of Indian Squaws. And he did and this recites those events as published in a rare Western Magazine

NUGENT, John * referred to in "Six-Guns and Printer's Ink" by Ed Repp. A history of early pioneer newspapers on the western frontier as saved from this old western magazine.

NUGENT, John - (Editor, San Francisco "Herald") - 1850 - 80 era. Location: CA PA Canada. Named in story entitled CALIFORNIA'S PRINCE OF RASCALS by William B. Secrest who writes of the sordid hisoty of old time San Francisco, California politics - naming many characters involved as published in this old and complete western magazine.

NUGENT, John F., Senator - 1860 - 1928 era. Location: Idaho, England, United States. Named in story entitled GOODING'S WHITE GOLD HARVEST by Joe Koller of FRANK ROBERT GOODING who rose from immigrant to Governor, then Senator and of his rise to honorary membership in the Hall of Fame of great Westerners of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center as found in this seldom read and complete western magazine

NUGENT, Ruth * - 1933 - Appearing with co-star Frank Shannon in "Fly By Night" at the Belmont Theatre

NUGGETT Newspaper - 1860 - 1900's - Location - UT. Named in story entitled "QUEEN OF THE UTAH GOLD CAMPS" by George A. Thompson citing names of individuals and the mines of the old Gold camp. Important mine research tool as found in this old Western magazine.

NUMIDA, PENNSYLVANIA - 1890 era - Western U. S. A. Named in this biography of  Captain John Wallace Crawford, entitled, "Captain Jack, The Poet Scout", and here the author, Paul T. Nolen, recites the history of this western scout and acquaintance of Buffalo Bill who went from scouting to acting to writing as published in this complete western magazine

NUNDER, Carolyn  * - 1921 - Pictured and written about in article entitled LATEST FASHION HINTS FROM LEADING DESIGNERS as Esther Howard of "Sonny" is show wearing an Modish dress of satin crepe  as saved from this old American pictorial magazine.

NUNES, Alfred *  Private (Centreville, California – Honor Roll – Killed in Action)

NUNEZ, General Emilo  (Civil Governor of Havana)  written up in "Cuba's Presidential Campaign" as written up in old American Magazine.

NUNGESSER and COLI - ( Aviators)  - 1928 - Featured Article entitled "Rescuing the Three Musketeers of the Air" reciting story of attempted Bremen rescue, last picture of Floyd Bennett, frantic flight of Lindbergh to deliver serum to death of bed of Bennett and pictures w text  of Bremen aviators and their expedition.

NUNN, Eddy * -  (Golfing Instructor) - 1933 - Pictured using SAFETY FIRST FOR THE GOLF INSTRUCTOR.  Mint. 10 by 14 inches.

NUNOI, R., * - 1933 - Japanese Davis Cup tennis player pictured defeating Germany in  straights sets in Berlin in the International Tennis Competition in an American Pictorial magazine page.

NUNOI, Ryosoke  at the WIMBLEDON WORLD'S TENNIS CONGRESS * - 1933 - Japanese Tennis Star participant pictured in Pictorial article entitled "THE WORLD'S TENNIS CONGRESS; ACTION AT WIMBLEDON"    as saved from this old American pictorial magazine.

NUORTEVA, S. * Secretary of the Russian "Soviet Embassy who has been subpoenaed to appear before the U. S. Senate Committee.

NURI JAMIL, Brigadier. - Named in story entitled THE KING AND I HAVE THE BOWIE KNIFE by Raymond W. Thorp of the making of the real  Bowie Knife in an obscure little blacksmith shop in Arkansas owned by James Black with pictures of weapon owned by Thorp and King Faisal II of Iraq and the history of the two men and their love for the Bowie knife as found in this old, complete western magazine

NURMI, Matti * - 1933 - Pictured is  the baby of the famous Finnish Runner Paavo Nurmi, 10 by 14 in. Mint.

NURMI, Paavo - 1933 - Picture of  his baby of the famous Finnish Runner.10 by 14 in. Mint. 

NUSBAUM, Aaron * - 1880 - 1930 ERA. SITE: United States. History entitled HOW SEARS, ROEBUCK WON THE WEST by Bobette Perrone and H. Henrietta Stockel. reciting the exciting and factual history of Sears Roebuck Company from it's beginning with pictures of original catalog pages as found in this seldom read western magazine.

NUSTICENO, (Indian), referred to in "Nine Years Among the Indians - 1870-79" by Herman Lehmann, who was captured by the Indians and learned their ways and fought for them against the Americans, Mexicans and Texas Rangers.

NUTHALL, Betty, Miss * - 1929 - Runner-up pictured on the cover of this old American Pictorial Magazine entitled THE QUEEN OF TENNIS AND THE CROWN PRINCESS along with the winner Helen Wills, following their match in the Wightman Cup Series at Forest Hills.

NUTHALL, Betty, Miss * - 1931 - Pictured entitled TENNIS INVADERS FROM ABOARD - THE BRITISH WIGHTMAN CUP TEAM  arriving at New York aboard the Aquitania for the Ninth Annual International Match at the Woman's National Tournament as saved from this old American pictorial magazine.

NUTSHELL, Bill - 1880 era - Western Frontier - Named in story entitled WHITE-EYE -- LAST OF THE OLD-TIME PLAINSMEN  of Jack Anderson,  the "White-Eye Kid * who was the eyes for Old Bill Hickok who was going blind. He was an Indian fighter, miner, and generally happy-go-lucky horseman. Includes best story I ever read about Calamity Jane I ever found. 5 Star old and complete western magazine

NUTT, Alan * Lieutenant, (Cliffside, New Jersey – Honor Roll – Killed in Action)

NUTTAL, Betty * Member, Featured Article. National News Magazine covering Women Tennis Players of the British Wightman Cup Team.1933

NUTTAL, Jack  - 1850 - 70 - SITE: WY - IO - CA - Named in rare  boxing story  entitled GOLIATHS FROM GLENROCK by John Bonar which recites the history of what the author calls the other Great White Hope, NOAH "Sport" YOUNG, Jr.,  found in this old complete western magazine.

NUVOLARI, Tazio  * - 1936 - Italian Racing Champion as pictured in article entitled "Sports Review of 1936" as saved from this old American Pictorial Magazine.

NYE, Bill * - 1913 - Last of the old school of American Humorists. Original sepia gravure with biography on back.7 by 9 inches.

NYE, Edgar E., Judge* - 1850 - 80 Era. Life history entitled THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A WESTERN JUSTICE OF THE PEACE who served as Justice of the Peace, Coroner, and Lawyer on the western frontier. Illustrations by E. W. Kemble. Hilarious stories of the events in the life of a lawman on the western frontier   as saved from this old and seldom found magazine

NYE, Gerald P., Senator * (ND) - 1928 - Pictured entitled LEAVING THE SENATE OFFICE BUILDING with John D. Rockefeller as the Chairman of the Senate Investigating Committee checking out the Teapot Dome Oil Transactions as saved from this old American pictorial magazine

NYE, Gerald P. Senator., * - 1934. Pictured and written about in weekly article entitled THEY STAND OUR FROM THE CROWD as saved from this national American News magazine. This Republican progressive Senator is chairman of a Senate Committee exposing the activities of munitions makers.

NYE, Bill  (of Miami, Missouri) -1862-63. Location, KA, MO. Son of George Nye named in story of Doctor John W. Benson - called a bushwhacker chieftain but the author says he never fired a shot. His life and time is here recorded in article entitled THE STRANGE STORY OF QUANTRILL'S SURGEON by Raymond W. Thorp along with his death as published in the old and complete western magazine

NYE, George  (of Miami, Missouri) -1862-63. Location, KA, MO. Named in story of Doctor John W. Benson - called a bushwhacker chieftain but the author says he never fired a shot. His life and time is here recorded in article entitled THE STRANGE STORY OF QUANTRILL'S SURGEON by Raymond W. Thorp along with his death as published in the old and complete western magazine

NYE, James W.   Governor mentioned in "Bill Stewart…Nevada's Silver Chief"

NYE, James W. * - 1787 - 1890. Location: United States. Named  as Territorial Governor of Nevada in this story entitled THOSE TERRITORIAL GOVERNORS by Stephanie C. Shulsinger who records the history of those men who held this important post on the western pioneer front as published in this, old, complete western magazine.

NYE, Tom, Written up in, "Texas Cowman 'Shanghai' Pierce" By: Oran Warder Nolen- the true western story of one of  the most famous cattlemen of the 1880 era

NYE, W. S. Colonel mentioned in "Palo Duro, canyon of the dead" article from old western magazine

NYGARD, Emil "Comrade" * - 1933 - Mayor of Crosby, Minnesota featured in article entitled FOOTNOTES ON A WEEK'S HEADLINERS headlined AMERICA'S COMMUNIST MAYOR as saved from this old American Pictorial magazine

NYHOLM, M. * 1919 - DENMARK - Member, Permanent Court of International Justice in Carnegie Peace Palace, The Hague, Holland.

NYLAND, Fred * Private (Menahga, Minnesota – Honor Roll – Killed in Action)

NYSTROM, Vern - Logger  mentioned in 1900 - 1920  Era -  "Port Gamble - The Company Town That's Still Working"  by Roger Rappoport




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