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JICARILLA APACHE INDIANS - 1840 - 75 era. Location: ILLINOIS, NEW MEXICO. Named in story entitled MIDAS OF THE MOUNTAIN by Hani and Toni Chapman, authors of this biography and history of Lucien Bonaparte MAXWELL. a pioneer trapper, hunter, mountain man who lived to become one of the richest land barons and the owner of more land than any other American as found in this complete and old western magazine

JIDAI FESTIVAL OF  JAPAN * - 1921 - Featured in Pictorial article entitled "FEATURES OF THE NATIONAL JIDAI FESTIVAL"    as saved from this old American pictorial magazine.

JIGGS * - 1929 - Pictures Brownie, Jiggs and Buster, dogs who play the leading role in Metro's Two-Reel animal picture, Hog Dogs as saved from this this old American Pictorial Magazine

JIGGS, "Fireman" *- 1924 - Regular member of Engine Company 27 of Hollywood Fire Department.

JIM BLAINE  (race horse) - 1860 - 1920 era. Location: CO, KS, Name of Mattie Silks race horse in story entitled "THE LIVE, LOVES, AND BATTLES OF MADAM MATTIE SILKS" by Louise Cheney who writes of Madam Mattie Silks in her occupation of choice but beneath the tough, dazzling opportunism of her job which was a necessary characteristic, there beat the normal heart of a woman as found in this old and complete western magazine

JIM CROW * - 1923 - Named in article entitled " FOR AND AGAINST THE BLACK MAMMY'S MONUMENT" as published in the old American News Magazine which relates dispute over the Daughters of the Confederacy receiving permission for the erection of a monument to the Black Mammy's of the South as saved herein.

JIM CROW CAR * - 1923 - (Banned by EBay). Article entitled WHY LYNCHING HAS SLUMPED - a story using figures of the Tuskegee Institute for the National Association For the Advancement of Colored People showing lynching at a decline as saved from this old American Magazine. Fantastic cartoon by Miner entitled "The Exodus from Dixie" with K K K illustrated. Cites figures from all southern states of actual lynchings in 1923.

JIM DOWNS' TRAMP ACROSS THE PLAINS * - 1876 ERA. LOCATION: AZ, TX. Story entitled "Jim Downs' Tramp Across the Plains"  by Don H. Biggers is true story of old western pioneer Jim Downs who unknowingly got ensnarled with a bunch of thieving cattle bandits and barely escaped with his life as found in this old and complete western magazine.

JIM JAM JEMS * - 1920 - Pictured as star is Ada Mae Weeks in a versatile musical comedy in pictorial collage of Featured Stage and Screen stars. 11 by 16 inches.

JIM JEFFRIES RANCH * - 1931 - Pictured and featured in pictorial collage as "THE QUEEN OF THE PENDLETON ROUND-UP", a co-ed of the University of Oregon who presided as saved from this old American Pictorial Magazine

JIM KIRKER, KING OF THE SCALPERS  - 1800 - 1850. Location - Ireland, Mexico, United States. Author Don Martin has put together a riveting, voluminous, story of the life and times of Captain Jim Kirker, a man who played both sides of the western frontier. For awhile, he sought Indians scalps for Mexico under a bounty of $50 apiece. Trouble was, he was so good that even his friends were fearful of their hair – and they were right – cause after a scalp was taken – who knows from whom it came. Kirker joined several American Expeditions, fur companies and ultimately the forces of Colonel A. W. Doniphan and his Missouri Volunteers and their experiences fighting the Mexicans among the Texas – Mexico border as found in this rare western magazine..

JIM LEIGHTON - era: Late 1880's - Cattle Boat named in article entitled SCOTTY PHILIP - LIVING LEGEND by Joe Koller,  elected to the Hall of Fame of Great Westerner of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Western Heritage Center at Oklahoma City and his story of how he became a dyed-in the wool pioneer, starting as a gold miner, becoming an Army Scout, freighter and rancher. Organized the Missouri River Stockmen Association as told in this rare  magazine

JIM STINSON CATTLE  TRAIL,. - 1870  era - . Described in Colonel Jack Potter's "CATTLE TRAILS OF THE OLD WEST" with picture and maps naming  pioneer experiences of the most famous and even the little known cattle trails of Texas, Kansas, Colorado. Complete description of trails while relating stories of origins, hands, drivers, drovers as published in this complete and seldom found western magazine.

JIM, (Negro Boy) - 1858 era - New Mexico area. Named as being killed by Navaho in "The Army and the Wayward Navajo Wife" - the story of an Indian war caused by a prominent Navajo's killing in trying to get his wife back as published in this very rare and seldom found western magazine.

JIMENO, Manuel   - Early 1800's - Site: Location - Early California ranch owner named in DISENOS, a story by Robert Becker of brave pioneers who settled California during Mexican occupation. Cites requirements - i.e. joining the Catholic Church, pledging to the Mexican Government and becoming a citizen of Mexico   as saved from this old American Historical magazine.

JIMMY - 1880 - 1920 era - Site Western Frontier of Colorado -Kid's pony named in author Victor W. Miller's THE CROSS BAR RANCH  ON PICEANCE CREEK - a story of roughin it in early frontier days in the snows of Colorado taking care of sheep, eating buckskin (deer meat) and trying to stay warm as told and experienced in this very rare western magazine.

JIMMY RABBIT  - Nez Perce Indian  - 1848 era - Named in "Blood Oath", story of western pioneer Jim Bridger who took a Shoshone Blood Oath that required two years to avenge his daughter's murder in the Whitman Massacre at Waiilatpu. Great old Indian story in rare, complete  magazine

JIMMY THE GOAT. - 1890 - 1900 era. Location AK, Canada, MI. Named in "King Of The Klondike" where author Nornan B. Wiltsey tells the strange but true story of a Canadian rowdie, Mike Mahoney. who took on the future champion of the World, Tommy Burns in a bout for the Boxing Championship of Alaska promoted by Tex Rickard before they all hit the big time. It’s a story of intrigue, fascination, and history as found in this very early western magazine

JIMMY THE PIRATE Mentioned in "A Visit to the Klondike" By: John Sidney Webb

JIMMY THE TOUGH Mentioned in "A Visit to the Klondike" By: John Sidney Webb

JINGLE BOB RANCH -  Pioneer West Era. Location - Western United States. Named  in story entitled CATTLE KINGS by George A. Wallis who writes of the lives of those men who took two elements - livestock and the range - each as wild as the other and refused to quit until they established the great ranches of the west as published in this old western magazine. Part 1

JIROU, Mrs. – 1850 - 90 era. Named in true historical story of Kosciuszko D. Keith who help found Texas in the early pioneer days as published in this complete western magazine.

JISKRA, George A., C.M.M., U. S. S. INDIANAPOLIS * - 1933 - Pictured and named in Pictorial collage of scenes aboard entitled "On A Trial Trip Aboard the New Cruiser Indianapolis as shown in American Pictorial Magazine. page is 11 by 14 in mint condition.

JITTA'S ATONEMENT * - 1923 - Stars pictured and written about in critique of the play showing at the Comedy Theatre and featured in this article entitled SCENES FROM CURRENT PLAYS as saved from this old American pictorial magazine








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